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Dr. Gapas’ integrative approach to pet care allows a comprehensive and balanced approach to your pet’s well being.  Sound nutrition, preventive medicine and a broad range of therapeutic techniques can provide your companion with some the key components for a long and healthy life.

The practice of integrative treatment includes examining how various environmental toxicants, inappropriate diets and stressful surroundings can disrupt both the behavior and health of your pet.  We treat your pet holistically, starting with the symptoms within the context of the complete animal.  With her staff of experienced veterinary technicians, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, on-site pharmacy and compassionate and professional treatment of every pet, Dr. Gapas welcomes you to Animal Clinic of Long Island City.

We will honor, respect and care for our clients and patients in a holistic and safe environment; extend and enhance the quality and duration of animals lives and well-being; and support the bond between animals and their families. 

We will do this through education, gentle touch, and a commitment to offering the best medicine for our patients.

Dietary factors play an enormous role in the health of our animals.  Simply improving nutrition can have remarkable effects on well-being and overall health.  When specific disease conditions are present, modifying the diet can actually assist in the restoration of health.  Specific foods or supplements can be introduced, or quantities increased or decreased to affect targeted organs, cells or systems of the body.

We always take a thorough nutritional history and assess current dietary and nutritional needs. In certain conditions such as cancer, intravenous vitamin therapy may be of assistance. Even though changes to the diet can seem time consuming or inconvenient, within a short space of time you will know if it has been worth the effort.  Often times once health has been restored we can simplify the diet and make feeding time much simpler.

You are probably already familiar with herbal medicine.  Chamomile tea is known to be calming and soothing, garlic has a reputation for helping fight infections, and arnica is known to benefit bruising. Eighty percent of the world's population use herbs to treat a manner of health issues. What may seem like a modern healthcare alternative can be a traditional healthcare, now supported with scientific studies.

Herbal combinations usually produce healing in a more gradual and natural way by stimulating the body's own mechanisms, although they can act rapidly in many cases.  You may already use herbs yourself.  However, we strongly caution applying or using the same remedies for your pets as some herbs are specifically contraindicated in animals and they can also interact with other medications.